Shark DuoClean Rocket Corded Ultralight Upright Vacuum Review

Shark DuoClean Rocket Vacuum Review

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The Shark DuoClean Rocket Corded Vacuum is one of Shark’s best vacuum cleaners, and just might be the last vacuum you ever need to buy. This vacuum works really well on all surfaces, including light and heavy carpet, hardwood floors, upholstery and blinds, and even your car. It is reasonably priced for all of the features and accessories that you get.

Read below for our detailed review of the Shark DuoClean Rocket Corded Vacuum Ultralight Upright Vacuum.

​Product Specs

Vacuum Type:

​Motor Size:

​Cord Length:



Corded Stick Vacuum

​5 amps

​30 ft

​9.9 lbs

​Dusting brush, upholstery brush, under-appliance wand, multi-angle dusting brush, TruePet Motorized brush, on-board storage clip, wall mount slog, accessory bag

The Shark DuoClean Rocket Corded Vacuum

Unlike so many other stick vacuums, the ​Shark DuoClean Rocket Corded Ultralight Upright Vacuum can clean virtually every surface very effectively.

From bare floors and hard wood surfaces to light carpet and area rugs to thick carpet, this vacuum can handle it all. Buy this corded stick vacuum and you won’t need another to handle your cleaning.

Shark puts a huge emphasis on pet owners with this vacuum as well. The TruePet Motorized brush works wonderfully to agitate and pull pet hair off the floor. Combined with Shark’s powerful suction, and this vacuum works very well if you have pets that shed throughout your home.

the Shark DuoClean Rocket Upright Vacuum is perfect for cleaning after your pets

The vacuum is very easy to use, as it has an ergonomic handle design, and swivel steering. It transitions into a handheld vacuum for cleaning your stairs or car easily. And, Shark has made this model a little bit quieter than its predecessors.


The ​Shark Rocket Vacuum boasts a 5 amp motor, which is more than ample suction power for the variety of surfaces it can cover. Shark boasts their Triple Particle Cleaning system in this vacuum as well, and it handles really nicely.

It's not just how powerful the motor is - Shark is very advanced in how they design their motors, and this one has a tremendous amount of suction. Depending on who you talk to, some say this Shark model is as powerful as the top-line Dyson models.

At just under 10 lbs, this Shark corded stick vacuum is on the heavier side for a typical stick vacuum. However, that weight is substantially lighter than most traditional upright vacuums, and this Shark handles more than the average amount of work that a lighter weight stick vacuum would be able to.

It comes with a 30 ft cord, which is more than enough length to cover virtually any room in your house.


For starters, this Shark DuoClean Rocket vacuum includes an easy to clean duo-brush roll system. Three brush rolls exist in this Shark.

First, a bristle brush, perfect for deep cleaning your carpets. Second, a gentle, soft brush roll, perfect for cleaning bare floors. Third, the special True Pet motorized brush.

Shark provides a TruePet Motorized Brush, which is designed to pick up pet hair off of ​upholstery. This handy tool will help to agitate the hair out of the upholstery and furniture. We've found you can double up on this tool by using this brush on stairs and fabric as well.

Even with this amazing brush roll cleaning system, this Shark Rocket Vacuum includes a few more excellent features. LED lights are positioned on the front of the vacuum for spotting hidden dirt or for cleaning in dark places, like under you bed.

Included are several attachments for detailed cleaning, such as a pet multi tool, duster crevice tool, upholstery tool, and a wall mount storage hook. This appliance also converts into a convenient hand vacuum.


The ​Shark DuoClean Rocket Corded Ultralight Upright Vacuum is one of Shark’s most expensive cleaners. Compared to other corded stick vacuums in this class, though, the price is actually relatively cheap.

What We Like

Overall, this vacuum is truly the complete package, meaning that you wouldn’t need any other vacuum for your needs. It’s a convenient stick vacuum that has more than adequate suction power, and a lot of accessories that you’ll utilize. We love Shark’s focus on pet hair in the DuoClean Rocket, both through its multiple brush rollers, and it’s TruePet Motorized Brush.

The price is very reasonable when you factor in that you’re getting a high quality brand name like Shark. And, it pales in comparison to some of the expensive Dyson models.


  • ​powerful motor
  • ​three brush rollers
  • ​strong focus on pet hair
  • check
    ​lots of accessories

What We Don't Like

There are a few things we didn’t love about the Shark DuoClean, but all of them are minor. At 9.9 lbs, it’s a little on the heavy side for a stick vacuum (although still significantly lighter than most upright vacuums). It has a smaller dust bin at 0.25 gallons, meaning that you will have to empty it more frequently.

For a vacuum that puts an emphasis on cleaning up after pets, we would have loved to see a HEPA filter. However, that would have added to the price, so we understand why it wasn’t included. It should be noted, though, that if you have allergies to pet hair, this corded stick vacuum might not be your best bet.


  • ​heavier
  • ​no HEPA filter
  • ​small dust bin

Final Thoughts

The DuoClean Rocket is one of Shark’s very best vacuum cleaners, and we highly recommend it. If you are ok with a corded option, Shark packs a ton of attributes and accessories into a vacuum that is moderately priced. You’ll get a high-powered name brand with lots of suction power.

​Why Buy?

​​Extremely powerful suction and loads of accessories for a reasonable amount.

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