Shark Navigator Free Style Cordless Stick Vacuum Review

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As one of the lightest cordless vacuums on the market, the Shark Navigator Stick Vacuum is easy to use and maneuver without any restriction or obstacles. It makes easy work out of cleaning your home and offers aggressive suction capabilities which allow you to suck up dirt and dust with ease. Whether you are cleaning carpet or bare surfaces, this vacuum has you covered.  

Read our review to see what makes the ​this Shark cordless stick vac a must-have for your home.

Shark Navigator Free Style​ Vacuum

The main attraction of the Shark Navigator is its lightweight cordless abilities. You’ll make easy work out of your household chores with this vacuum as you never have to worry about plugging it in.

You’ll be able to glide from room-to-room in your home with this easy maneuverable vacuum. It features a swivel head and only ​weighs 4.66 lb​s. This is lower than ​pretty much any cordless vacuum (or corded) vacuum on the market.

To put it bluntly, it is so light and flexible to use, you just might forget you are doing housework when you use it.

​The Navigator Vacuum offers an easy-to-remove dirt canister that has an extra-large capacity to hold even more dust and dirt. A two-filter system of both mesh and foam, keeps your home dust free and provides additional cleaning capabilities.

This vacuum includes three LED-lighted operation and a carpet and bare floor setting that can be set with your foot. You’ll be able to clean small and large messes with ease. ​

This cordless stick ​also includes a recessed opening in the middle of the vacuum head to pick up larger debris.

​Product Specs

Vacuum Type: Cordless Stick Vacuum

Battery Size: 10.8 volts

Run Time: 25 minutes

Charge Time: 7 hours

Weight:  4.66 lbs

​Accessories:  2-speed brushroll


Operation of the ​Navigator is a breeze as it is completely cordless using a 10.8-volt nickel metal hydride battery for power. The battery can be charged in seven hours. This gives you a 25-minute runtime, which is edging on the generous side for a cordless vacuum in this price range.

Suction on the Shark Navigator is also aggressive. It uses a powerful motorized brushroll to pick up pet hair that is stuck on surfaces, arming you with even more power as you clean.

This Shark Navigator Vacuum is perfect for hard floor surfaces as well as carpeted areas

As other Shark vacuum reviews indicate, the Shark Navigator​ does well on hard floor surfaces as well as carpeting. This gives you one vacuum that can perform to your expectations without limitations.


Offered with the ​Navigator stick vacuum is a two-speed brushroll that works hard to suck up pet hair. This versatile tool allows you to move from hard to soft surfaces with the easy operation of a foot pedal, which can toggle between speeds. The vacuum doesn’t feature any other additional attachments.


The price tag of the Shark Navigator is nominal when you consider that this vacuum is completely mobile using no cord to restrain it. ​

It is an exceptional value for the longer-than-average runtime as most cordless vacuums don’t stack up in this category. The vacuum also comes with a one-year limited warranty to provide you additional assurance with its purchase.

What We Like

Like so many other Shark stick vacuum reviews, we were significantly impressed with the Shark Navigator​ from the very moment we used it. This vacuum has just about everything you need to keep your home clean without having to break out in a sweat during the work.

At only 4.66 lb. the ​Navigator Cordless Vac has the perfect amount of weight to maneuver it without it feeling tedious. The longer 25-minute runtime is ideal as you can really get to every inch of your house for your vacuuming, without having to worry about losing power.

The ability to use th​is vacuum on all flooring surfaces is a boon as you’ll only need one device to clean. According to other Shark Navigator vacuum reviews, as well as this one, the vacuum is perfect for pet hair cleanup. This gives pet owners a device that can eliminate this nuisance.

Thanks to the extra-large dirt canister capacity, you won’t spend your time emptying this vacuum. It offers you the ability to go for quite a while before dumping of the canister. This makes it easier than ever to clean your entire home without worrying about it plugging up or overfilling.


  • Long runtime
  • Extra-large dirt canister capacity
  • Use on all flooring surfaces
  • Focus on pet hair
  • Lightweight

What We Don’t Like

As much as the Shark Navigator vacuum reviews focus on the benefits of owning a ​this cleaning device, we did find a few minor drawbacks we wanted to mention. Even though this vacuum offers a strong runtime, the time needed to charge it is quite long at seven hours.

This, of course, is for a full charge to the battery. But, because it can be stored and charged at the same time, it doesn’t pose much of an issue.

You may find you bump the power button on and off as you clean. The button is so conveniently located that it is easy to touch it as you move the vacuum about. This just needs some getting used to with your hand placement.

We also wish this Shark vacuum came with a longer warranty. We are appreciative the manufacturer did consider a one-year warranty option on the device.


  • Long charge time
  • Poor location of the power button
  • Only one-year warranty

Final Thoughts

We think the Shark Navigator is a good vacuum if you are looking to keep your home clean without having to lug a heavy vacuum through your home. As many cordless stick vacuum reviews mention, th​is Shark is a versatile little vacuum that can really lighten the load on housework and make vacuuming a chore that is easy, fun, and less difficult.

​Why Buy?

Lightweight, adaptable to all floor surfaces, and perfect for pet-friendly homes – the Shark Navigator is ​an all around great buy.

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