Shark Navigator vs Shark Rocket: Which is Better and Why?

Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner sitting on hardwood floor

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If you are in the market for a new vacuum, you may want to consider the Shark Navigator or Shark Rocket. Both vacuums offer plenty of suction power and will help you keep your home clean and tidy. But, which vacuum is better?

We compared the Shark Navigator vs Shark Rocket to find out how they really stack up against each other. Here’s what we found out.

​​The Shark Navigator Vacuum

​The ​Shark Navigator Freestyle Stick Vacuum is a relatively lightweight upright vacuum that weighs in ​just over 5 pounds. It has Shark’s no loss suction technology and can clean both carpeting and bare floors by shutting off the brush roller when on hard surfaces.

This vacuum is easy to maneuver and is a capable machine that comes equipped with foam and felt filters. This is great if you're looking for a vacuum that can remove allergens. The filters can be cleaned, making it possible to reuse them again. The vacuum also comes with a 700 to 1200 watt motor, depending on the model, giving it plenty of power to clean.

The real standout feature of the Shark Navigator is its outstanding ability to ​remove pet hair from carpet. It features a pet power brush that allows you to lift pet hair from any surface without issue.

Another feature of the Shark Navigator vacuum is its easy access extended-reach wand which allows you to get into crevices easier. It can fit within a 5.5-inch gap with ease.

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​Shark Navigator Applications

​The best application for using the Shark Navigator is on surfaces with pet hair. With its special pet power brush, you can lift pet hair and dander from furniture as well as your carpet, making your home cleaner in the process.

The Shark Navigator vacuum is also ideal for cleaning large areas that are either carpet or hard surfaces. This allows you to go from room-to-room without having to modify your vacuum to do so. By simply shutting off the brush roller you can seamlessly move to a hard surface without interruption as you clean. This can make the cleaning process easier and quicker.

It is also beneficial that this vacuum comes with an extension wand, so you can clean those hard-to-reach spots without too much effort. It makes cleaning carpeted stairs easier and is a good tool for dusting window treatments or cleaning ceilings and doorways.

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Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner sitting on hardwood floor

​​The Shark Rocket Vacuum

​The ​Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Vacuum is a powerful stick vacuum that incorporates no loss of suction technology. It converts from an upright stick vacuum into a handheld device which allows you to clean in hard-to-reach spots with ease.

You’ll find maneuvering this vacuum is plenty easy as it weighs under 8 pounds, reducing the amount of effort you have to put into cleaning your home. Plus, the cord length is long at 25 to 30 feet, depending on the model. This makes it easy to go from room to room to clean. It also incorporates swivel steering so you can get around furniture and obstacles without interruption.

A variety of attachments are included with the Shark Rocket including a hard floor tool, making for a nice feature to give your hardwood floors a deep cleaning. It also works well on linoleum or tile.

Operation of the Shark Rocket incorporates fingertip controls. Two canister options make it easy to collect dirt from the wand or the wall mount. Our review of the Shark Rocket scores this as one of the highest rated vacuums by this manufacturer

​Shark Rocket Applications

​The best applications for the Shark Rocket are really those hard-to-reach spots that are up high or down low. It is the ideal vacuum for cleaning stairs. You don’t have to drag the entire machine with you as the handheld option can go where you need it.

You can also clean large carpeted areas as an upright vacuum and switch to hard floor surface cleaning with little to no effort.

The Rocket is also the preferred choice to thick carpet fibers like shag rug, as it has more power than the Navigator.

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​Shark Navigator vs Shark Rocket

​When you compare the Shark Navigator vs Shark Rocket, you see many similarities as well as differences.

  • They both feature the no loss of suction technology, which makes them very capable vacuums when it comes to cleaning up dirt, dust, and debris, even when comparing to other brands such as Hoover​.
  • Both vacuums are designed to be lightweight, but the Shark Rocket pulls ahead here as it is almost half the weight of the Shark Navigator. This really cuts on fatigue when cleaning.
  • Both Shark vacuum options can also be used on hard or soft surfaces and come with an array of attachments to make cleaning in tight areas easier.
  • You’ll also find that both vacuums are easy to maneuver from room to room without having to exert too much effort to push or pull them.
  • They are each featured with a canister which can be removed for emptying dirt and dust. The Shark Navigator does offer a larger capacity on its dirt canister, making it possible to cleaner longer in between emptying.

Separating the two vacuums is the Shark Rocket’s ability to convert to a handheld device that can clean virtually anywhere. While the Shark Navigator comes with an extension wand, it is no match for the Shark Rocket’s handheld option.

Woman in white socks and black pants vacuuming her living room carpet near a sofa

The Shark Navigator also offers some features that the Shark Rocket fails to provide. The ability to clean pet hair is an appreciated benefit as well as the reusable filters which help to keep your home cleaner as you vacuum.

Both ​vacuums are priced similarly with the Shark Rocket vacuum costing slightly more, depending on the model. Similar to other Shark vacuums like the Rotator, operation of both vacuums has been designed to be easy to understand and control.

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​When deciding between the Shark Navigator and Shark Rocket, we recommend the Shark Rocket as the vacuum to purchase. While both have no loss of suction technology, the Shark Rocket’s ability to convert into a handheld makes it a more convenient vacuum to use.

It is very lightweight and can be maneuvered with ease. You’ll find cleaning up high or down low is a cinch with the Shark Rocket, which is why we gave it high marks all around. If you are looking to buy a new vacuum, choose the Shark Rocket over the Shark Navigator for added flexibility when cleaning your home. 

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