Shark Rocket vs Dyson Vacuums: Which Should You Buy?

Up-close yellow and gray Dyson vacuum cleaner on carpet

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A big decision when buying a new vacuum for your home is whether you should select a Shark Rocket or a Dyson vacuum. Both vacuums offer good quality with plenty of suction power to clean up messes. We compared the Shark Rocket vs Dyson to give you a better understanding of what these two vacuums offer, and which one is a better selection for you. Read on to see what we found out.

​Shark Rocket Vacuum 

Shark Rocket Features

​The Shark Rocket vacuum is a lightweight vacuum that weighs under 8 pounds. The main feature of the vacuum is its ability to convert into a handheld device. This allows you to clean hard-to-reach spots which are up high or down low with more convenience than traditional corded stick vacuums.

You can clean both carpet and bare floors with the ​Shark Rocket Vacuum as it has a hard floor attachment perfect for cleaning hardwood, tile, or linoleum. Fingertip controls allow you to switch from carpet to ​hard floor surfaces, making it relatively easy to operate this vacuum.

Maneuvering the Shark Rocket vacuum is also easy as it incorporates swivel steering which helps you get around furniture easier. The cord on the Shark Rocket is also 25 to 30 feet, depending on the model you select. This gives plenty of range to clean from room to room.

A big benefit of the Shark Rocket is its no loss of suction technology which helps you clean longer and with plenty of strength. It can pick up that ground-in dirt, and you’ll never have to worry about suction loss whether you are on carpet or bare floors.

Unlike some of Shark's lower end models like the Navigator and Rotator, the Rocket is bagless, meaning that getting rid of the dirt and debris you vacuum up is painless and simple.

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​Shark Rocket Applications

Applications for the Shark Rocket vary as you can use this versatile vacuum to clean all the way to the ceiling and areas down below.

By using the handheld device for cleaning stairs, you can get into those hard-to-reach spots without having to strain or force the vacuum into position.

The Shark Rocket is also a good all over cleaning vacuum. By being able to clean both carpet and hard flooring surfaces, you can use this vacuum virtually anywhere.

Woman in a beige dress using a Black Shark Vacuum to clean her hardwood floors


​Dyson Vacuums

Dyson Brand Overview

​Dyson vacuums come in a variety of model options, and virtually all of their vacuum options are cordless. Each includes the cyclone suction technology that Dyson boosts as never losing suction power. They offer aggressive power and an array of features which make them convenient to use.

Dyson does offer a stick vacuum that converts to a handheld, so you can clean those hard-to-reach spots easier. Other Dyson models come with an extension wand and feature a hygienic dirt canister that can be emptied with one hand.

The benefit of canister vacuums is that they can provide a ton of cleaning power to get you through an entire cleaning session (while being relatively quiet).

Dyson vacuums are easy to use and move about with some models including a ball pivot which can help you get around furniture easier. Weight on the Dyson vacuums varies, depending on the model you choose.

The stick versions are on the light end of the scale at around 5 pounds.

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​Dyson Vacuum Applications

​Depending on the Dyson vacuum model you select, you can clean an extensive range of areas with plenty of ease. There are vacuums that are solely dedicated to help you quickly tidy up your house with plenty of suction power to get your carpets clean while also working on bare surfaces.

Many of the Dyson vacuums we considered come with an extension wand and hose so you can clean and vacuum stairs, around furniture and hard-to-reach places. Several models come with attachments that clip right into the vacuum base, making it easy to use them for delicate surface areas or places where you need more cleaning assistance.

If you're looking to remove pet fur with a vacuum, Dyson has pet-friendly appliances. These vacuums focus on pet hair removal and can lift it from any surface using a special brush or attachment.

​Shark Rocket vs Dyson Vacuum

​When you look at the Shark Rocket vs Dyson vacuum, you will find the Dyson models are made with superior quality. However, they also have a much higher price tag, so lets dive into the specific differences.

​Dyson cleaners have some heft to them and feel ergonomically accurate as you maneuver them around. Dyson puts a high degree of importance on how the vacuum feels in your hands, and how it moves about as you use it. 

The Dyson stick vacuums do weigh lighter than the Shark Rocket machines, saving almost 3 pounds or weight. Dyson's are right around 5 lbs, with the Rocket coming in at 8 lbs. 

Both the Shark Rocket and the Dyson stick vacuums come as handheld options with Dyson offering cordless options, such as the Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum. This is an added benefit as you never have to worry about plugging or unplugging to get from room-to-room.

However, there is some benefit to using the corded Shark Rocket as you don’t have to wait for the charging time to use it and you’ll never run out of power as you clean.

Up-close yellow and gray Dyson vacuum cleaner on carpet

The Dyson vacuums offer cyclonic suction technology while the Shark Rocket features no loss suction technology. While both are powerful cleaning options, the Dyson models forge ahead with a design that is aggressive at cleaning on all surfaces.

You can also use ​both models on all surfaces, giving it that added flexibility you need when cleaning your entire home. This means these vacuums will work great on your laminate floors and hardwood flooring

Both vacuums are easy to operate and maneuver around. The Dyson offers some additional features to make it even easier with its ball pivoting assembly. The Dyson vacuums also come with a pet-friendly option as seen in their Dyson Big Ball Canister Vacuum that is committed to cleaning pet hair and dander from your home. The Shark Rocket doesn’t offer this option on these models.

Prices of the Shark Rocket compared to the Dyson vacuums is considerably cheaper at almost half the price of the Dyson models. But, you do pay more for quality and may find that the Dyson offers more for the price it commands.


​When it comes time for you to buy a new vacuum, think about choosing a Dyson for your home, when you compare it up against a Shark Rocket. Dyson vacuums are the pinnacle of cleaning devices with incredible suction power that just doesn’t quit. They offer plenty of features and have models that are dedicated to pet hair and allergen control.

We love the Shark lineup of vacuums but would recommend you pick a different model, if you want something that will compete with Dyson. In the end, you may have to pay more for a Dyson vacuum, but it will be well worth the investment. 

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