Shark Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review

Shark Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review

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The best stick vacuums on the market are hard to pinpoint, but important to, as they can cost you several hundred dollars. You’ll be pleased to learn that the Shark Navigator cordless stick vacuum is one of the best stick vacuums available​!

Users of the Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum absolutely love the ease with which this stick vacuum can clean up pet hair. And despite being a lightweight stick vacuum, the Shark Navigator really pulls its own weight in debris.

This stick vacuum will keep your home clean and tidy without a fuss and once you use the Shark Navigator stick vacuum in your home, you’ll wonder why you need any other type of vacuum.

​Product Specs

Vacuum Type:



Cordless Stick Vacuum

​7.5 lbs

​2-speed brush roll, Precision Charger

Large Dust Container That’s Easy To Clean

Large dust containers are great. That means less emptying is required and so less chance of making a mess. For those of us who are too lazy to empty our vacuum cleaner often, then this is the stick vacuum for you.

The whole emptying process is easy too. Just unclip the container, open it up and tip the rubbish into the bin. Your hands don’t even need to come in contact with the dirt that you’ve vacuumed off your floor.


Lightweight and portable, the Shark Navigator is only 7.5 pounds. Reviewers are glad they no longer have to break their backs hauling their massive upright vacuum cleaners up the stairs.

Cleaning stairs is now easier too, since you don’t have a massive vacuum to try balance.

Swivel Steering

Swivel steering provides excellent control of the vacuum head. Reviewers love how they can vacuum around and under their furniture without moving anything out of the way.

Swivel Steeering Shark Navigator


That means less time wasted rearranging furniture and more time spent vacuuming.

Leave It Charging

Now, the Shark Navigator does take a little time to charge, about 4 to 7 hours. This is about average for most cordless vacuums. Some of the speedy little stick vacuums can manage a full charge in 3 hours. Others can take up to 9 hours!

Considering the long charge time, Shark has made a little improvement to the battery that you won’t see in any other model of stick vacuum.

You can leave the vacuum charging even when it’s at full charge and it won’t ruin the battery life! With other vacuums, charging your battery when it’s already full can damage your battery and significantly decrease its battery life.

Shark Leave it Chargeing

Leaving your vacuum charging is brilliant because given its long charge time, not everyone can guarantee they will be available to unplug the vacuum once it’s done charging. Other vacuums will suffer in this regard but not the Shark Navigator.

It’s no longer a worry now since no damage can be done to your vacuum – as a matter of fact, you can even leave your vacuum charging overnight and it will still be fine.

The Shark Navigator charges by placing it in the docking station. This docking station takes up almost no space at all and reviewers have found the docking station very convenient.

Great Pet Hair Removal

Reviewers who have long hair or pets admire the Shark Navigator’s ability to pick up pet hair. Just rolling your vacuum over the clump of hair sucks it right up into the vacuum.

Of course, the hair does get a tendency of rolling around the brush roll and jam up its function, so it will require frequent maintenance with a pair of scissors to cut the hair loose. This job can be easily performed without the removal of the brush roll itself.

What We Don’t Like About The Shark Navigator Cordless Stick Vacuum

Despite how fantastic the Shark Navigator sounds, reviewers have grumbled about the very low run time on its battery. Lasting only 17 minutes on the bare floor and 12 minutes on the carpet, that’s barely enough time for you to clean 2 rooms properly.

Due to the battery constraint, it’s recommended that the Shark Navigator be used for small jobs or just for keeping a tiny student dorm room tidy.

No Attachments

Reviewers are disappointed that the Shark Navigator doesn’t come with additional attachments. This means you can’t use your stick vacuum for cleaning items such as the upholstery or pet bedding.

Shark Navigator Review

The Shark Navigator is designed strictly for cleaning floors, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But if you also want to be able to vacuum countertops, upholstery, or anything else which you cannot easily access with a stick vacuum, you may need to also purchase a hand vacuum.

Buying Advice

​The ​Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum is a good deal considering its qualities. While it may not be suited to larger homes, you can vacuum a dorm room or a small area efficiently with this trusty stick vacuum.

The suction power of the Shark Navigator is just as good as pricier models.

The large dust canister and ability to leave the vacuum charging for long periods of time makes this stick vacuum ideal for people who do not have much time for worrying about their stick vacuums as well as their daily lives.

Overall, it’s a good purchase for its price and finding a cheaper and more reliable model than the Shark Navigator will be nearly impossible.


The Shark Navigator is a great vacuum choice if you have a small or medium sized house to clean. It won’t be easy to clean the whole house in one charge but you can easily clean small areas to a professional standard.

It’s got good suction, is lightweight and is also affordable; the hallmarks of a decent stick vacuum. But you’ll still need a more powerful, upright vacuum if you want to deep clean your carpet.

If you’re on a tight budget but don’t want to sacrifice vacuum quality, then the Shark Navigator is great value for your money.

​Why Buy?

​​With great suction power, ​good dust container size, and battery life similar to higher end models, the Shark Navigator is a true value for your money.

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