How to Clean Your Textured Fiberglass Shower Floor Pan

Showering is not only relaxing and a great way to jumpstart the day, it is also one of the main ways we get clean. However, while we are washing away, our shower floor is taking on all that dirt we wash off. Learning how to clean a textured fiberglass shower floor will help you get …

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The Best Dual Shower Head [2024 Review]

There is nothing better than a hot shower first thing in the morning, unless you have a dual shower head. In that case, there is nothing better than one for your morning shower to help get you up and ready to tackle the day! If you are ready to do an upgrade to your bathroom, …

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How to Clean Frosted Glass Shower Doors

Frosted glass shower doors used by cubicles

Frosted glass shower doors are translucent and consist of pits on them. And, this is what makes them different from regular glass doors. They are preferred as shower doors because they disperse or blur the reflection, thereby offering privacy. However, the pits on these glass doors attract dust and dirt, which needs proper cleaning. How …

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How to Clean a Cultured Marble Shower

Cultured marble showers are pretty appealing and durable at the same time. This is because cultured marble is a mixture of polyester resin and natural marble stone. Furthermore, this mixture adds strength to cultured marble, and the showers turn out to be long-lasting and attractive. How to Clean Cultured Marble Shower Cultured marble showers are …

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How to Clean Shower Head Rubber Nozzles

As a bathroom fixture that is used so often, you would think that we would take better care of our showerheads, but we don’t. While the water that comes out of them is just above our heads, we rarely look up to see the state that they are in. Neglecting this important part of our …

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How to Clean a Travertine Shower

Shower area with travertine tiles

Travertine is a lovely material for use in showers but quite a delicate one to deal with. We cannot opt for using chemical-based cleaning liquids from the market, as it might hamper the quality of the tiles. Thus here we present you some home-based techniques about how to clean a travertine shower. How to Clean …

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How to Clean a Teak Shower Bench

A teak shower bench with white towels

Teak shower benches are usually slip-resistant, but soap-residues and other build-ups might affect them badly. To ensure that the teak shower bench in your bathroom remains new for a long time, you must clean it once every two months. You can also clean it more than once in 90 days, depending upon the usage. How …

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40 Ways To Make Showering More Fun

Person staniding in a robe with his hands in its pockets

​Showering can sometimes feel like a chore. Or, it feels like a basic routine you do and just go through the motions, so you can get out and get on with your day. However, showering can also be your safe-haven, watery escape from the business of life. ​Take a minute to see how to make …

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Best Handheld Shower Heads [2024 Review]

Woman washes feet in shower using a handheld showerhead

​Showering has never been this easy or comfortable. Technology has improved dramatically, allowing us to enjoy a spa-like handheld shower head every single day in the comfort of our own home. On top of that, a handheld shower head makes the shower a convenient breeze. Install a hand held shower head option, and you expand …

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How to Tell If Shower Grout Is Sealed


Shower grout is basically a mixture of sand, cement, and water, making it highly porous. It absorbs water quickly and should be sealed when used in showers to install tiles. A sealed coating makes the grout water-resistant and it prevents water from damaging your shower. But how to tell if your shower grout is sealed? …

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How to Install a Sliding Shower Door Bottom Guide

​When your sliding shower doors are wobbly instead of holding their place, it may be time for you to repair or learn how to install a sliding shower door bottom guide. What is a Guide for Your Shower Door? ​A sliding shower door guide is a piece that fits in the bottom groove. This usually …

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How to Remove a Shower Head that is Stuck

Removing a chrome shower head using a wrench

Whether you are an around-the-house DIY pro or if you are looking for your first real project to start, taking on the task of replacing your shower head could be a great first start for you. In a perfect world, installing your new shower head should be quick, simple, and painless. Nowadays, the best showerheads do not need …

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