How to Clean and Remove Shower Drain Odor

A shower drain with white tiles

Your bathroom is your spa. And, when it starts releasing bad odor because of smelly shower drains, the situation gets annoying and challenging to deal with. From this, you should be eager to know how to clean shower drain odor. In most cases, molds growing underneath the shower drains act as the primary reason for …

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How to Clean Your Shower Doors with Dryer Sheets

A shower cabin with glass door and window

Dryer sheets are not just for keeping the clothes free from foul smells but are quite helpful in some other cleaning applications as well. One such evident application of dryer sheets is removing soap scum off the shower doors or shower tiles. It is an efficient and cheap solution for the same. Let’s see why! …

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How to Clean a Plastic Shower Floor

A bathroom with a plastic shower floor in the shower

Plastic Shower Floors are very budget-friendly. However, they accumulate soap scum, dirt, debris, stains, and other such build-ups, making them look dull. A question comes to mind: how to clean plastic shower floor? The pores in them are the primary cause of these accumulations. Therefore, precise cleaning is essential for such shower floors. How to …

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How to Clean a Slate Shower

Black toned wall slate tiles with a towel hanged

Natural stone tiles like slates have some particular concerns regarding cleaning. It is because slate traps the dirt, debris, soap scum, and stains more quickly as they are porous. And showers are prone to such build-ups. Therefore, it is essential to seek periodic cleaning for a slate shower, even though you opt for regular sealing …

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How to Clean Shower Door Tracks

Rust on the shower sliding door track

Just like your shower doors and walls, shower door tracks also accumulate soap scum, bathing product residues, and other things within them. Apart from that, over time and use, a heavy build-up of mineral deposits due to hard water develops. It is yet another problematic condition. All of these hassles make it difficult to slide …

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How to Clean a Pebble Stone Shower Floor

A blue toned pebble stone floor

Pebble Stone Shower Flooring embeds a smooth series of pebbles placed in line over the shower floor. It gives a soothing feel to walk on and offers you an experience of a massage as well as a natural waterfall when you’re showering. These stones are gorgeous and appealing to the eyes, therefore give an attractive …

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How to Clean an Acrylic Shower

Bathroom with acrylic shower

Acrylic showers are made out of combining resin and glass fibers that undergo heat, stretch, and vacuum, to bring out the final shape. Unfortunately, appealing acrylic showers are prone to mold & mildew build-up. Therefore, you need to adapt proper cleaning methods to eradicate them. How to Clean Acrylic Shower Acrylic is plastic with a …

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How to Clean a Shower Head With CLR

A gold toned shower head

CLR (Calcium Lime Rust) is a powerful cleaner with properties appropriate for cleaning lime, rust, and calcium from shower head surfaces. Dirty shower heads restrict the water flow and spoil your bathing experience with their dirty looks. However, cleaning them with CLR will ensure proper water flow and will also revive their appealing look. How …

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How to Clean Your Shower Doors With WD40

A bathroom with a glass shower door

Shower doors experience an immense amount of stain & build-up due to hard water spots or soap scums. If you witness the same problems, then WD40 is the right solution for you to clean your shower doors. Thirty minutes is what you need with WD40 to get your shower doors cleaned. In addition to that, …

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How to Clean Mildew from Shower Caulk

A mildewed silicone sealer and mold in the shower stall

Caulk is a flexible sealing substance useful for filling the joints around window edges, shower edges, and others. As caulks get old, they develop Mildew or molds on them, which makes us wonder: how to clean mildew from shower caulk? Mildew is a generic reference to mold growth, and it needs immediate eradication, which is …

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How Do I Clean Black Mold in Shower Silicone?

A messy and broken bathroom yellow wall tiles

All kinds of molds hide around warm or damp places. You can usually spot them indoors, and they are not just unsightly but are also unhealthy. It becomes a question of: how do I clean black mold in shower silicone? They might cause nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, throat irritation, and other such problems. So, it …

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How to Solder a Shower Valve


A shower valve is a device used to control the functioning of the shower in a bathroom. This device is responsible for regulating the flow, pressure, and temperature of the water coming from the shower.  Shower valves come in a variety of styles, depending on the shower fittings. That being said, most people install shower …

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