EXACTLY How Often You Should Clean a Shower Head

Water falling from a shower head

Often, you clean all areas of the bathroom except for the showerhead. While cleaning the showerhead doesn’t have to be as frequent as when you clean the toilet and sink, it needs cleaning, too. So, the question now is how often should you clean a showerhead?  How Often Should You Clean A Shower Head? You …

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What Is the Black Stuff on My Shower Head?

Black stuff on the shower head ready to be cleaned

You are seeing black stuff on your shower head again and this time you are convinced that mold and mildew are not the culprits. It is something else and not just a matter of humidity and moisture. That brings the question, what is the black stuff on my shower head? What Is the Black Stuff …

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Best Shower Valve [2024 Review]

Classic brass shower valve

The best shower valve not only ensures your shower works properly, it also controls the flow of water and the temperature of your shower effectively. However, trying to replace it if it’s not functioning properly can be a puzzle on its own.  Our Top Shower Valve Reviews To help you pick the right product, we …

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Best Shower Pan [2024 Review]

Bathroom with a shower pan

A clean and dry bathroom will always help you relax as you shower after a busy day. On that note, the best shower pan can significantly improve your shower with a one-piece, easy-to-install base that’s leak-proof and seamlessly matches your bathroom décor. Our Top Shower Pan Reviews Since a shower pan is a long-term investment, …

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Best Shower Squeegee [2024 Review]

Person using a shower squeegee to clean a mirror

A squeegee is an essential cleaning tool that should not be miss in your home. The best shower squeegee can keep your bathroom clean and help you remove even the most stubborn watermarks and soap scum from your shower walls effectively.  Our Top Shower Squeegee Reviews That being said, you need to pick the right …

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How to Stop a Dripping Shower Head

Woman using a wrench to stop her shower head from dripping

When faucets and shower heads are dripping, they can be extremely annoying. That “drip-drip-drip” noise while we’re trying to fall asleep can be listed in the top 10 annoyances of all time. In addition to the annoyance, there is also the issue of water that is wasted as the water slowly falls from your plumbing. …

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How to Remove a Shower Head Without a Wrench

Woman trying to remove her shower head without a wrench

There’s an old saying, “use the right tool for the job,” but what about those situations where you don’t have any tools? For whatever reason, many of us can find ourselves in this situation, especially if we are visiting friends or family who don’t own tools and need to complete basic household tasks. This is …

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How to Adjust Your Shower Doors and Tracks

Glass doors with a silver knob in a white tiled bathroom

Shower doors can be an aesthetically pleasing and a more effective way to close off your shower. Learning how to adjust shower doors will save you money and stress when these doors need a little TLC to get them back on track. ​How to Adjust Shower Doors The first step in adjusting and moving the …

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Best Handheld Shower Head with Pause Button [2024 Review]

Handheld shower with pause button function

There are many benefits of using shower heads equipped with a pause button. This function will help you save on energy bills and water as it slows the flow of water. If you enjoy taking long showers you may find it helpful since it will allow you to use less water.  However, how can you …

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Best Handheld Shower Head with Slide Bar [2024 Review]

Bathroom with a handheld shower with slide bar

A handheld showerhead is an essential item you should install in your bathroom. It will allow you to spray the water directly from the shower to your body leading to a more efficient bathing and cleaning experience. These types of showerheads are also good at conserving water as they keep the use to the minimum, …

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Rain Shower Head vs Regular Shower Head: How to Pick

A rain shower head sprays water down from the ceiling

The first time we saw a rain shower head, we thought there must have been a mistake. We were staying at a fancy hotel, and walking into the shower, it looked like someone had accidentally stuck the shower arm into the ceiling by accident, resulting in a showerhead that came down from the roof instead of …

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The Guide on How to Install a Shower Panel

Close up of a white shower panel body with metal notches

When you want to give your walk-in shower the ultimate upgrade, a shower panel is the way to go. Follow along with this all-in-one guide to learn how to remove your current shower fitting and how to install a shower panel. ​What Is a Shower Panel? In essence, the best shower panel is a really, …

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