How to Remove and Install a New Shower Arm

Shower arm without shower head on a tiled bathroom wall

You are upgrading your shower with a shiny new shower head, but then you look up to see the shower arm is discolored or rusty. It’s simple to learn how to install a shower arm so you can update all the hardware at once. ​What is a Shower Arm? A shower arm is the small …

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How to Remove and Replace a Shower Drain Cover

White round plastic shower drain wet from drops of water on blue square shower tiles

Shower drain covers can get rusty and covered in soap scum. When the drain to your shower starts to look bad, use this guide to learn how to replace a shower drain cover. Minimal tools are required, and you should have everything you need to complete the task around your home. You will just need …

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How to Clean Your Shower Drain Trap

Close up of a silver shower drain trap with a few strands of hair

​Pooling water at your feet when you are showering is an unwelcome sight. When the water won’t go down the drain, it is a red flag sign your drain is clogged. Not to worry. You can learn how to clean a shower drain trap and eliminate standing water in your shower. ​What to Do Before …

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How to Remove Rust from Your Shower and Surfaces

Old and rusty silver shower head

When your shower has rust stains, it can be a frustrating sight. There are a few different methods that can teach you how to remove rust from a shower or bathtub. Prepare Your Cleaning Space ​​Whether you choose a chemical cleaner or a natural cleaner, you will still want to protect yourself when you are …

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How to Clean and Maintain a Tile Shower

best way to clean tile shower

The shower is one of the more challenging areas of the home to maintain. Because of the soaps, shampoos, and hard water minerals, residues build up and cling to surfaces. Plus, the dark, humid environment is the perfect breeding ground for harmful mold and bacteria. There are several ​approaches on how to clean a tile …

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