Hoover vs Shark: Which Brand Makes the Best Vacuum?

Hoover and Shark are two popular vacuum cleaner brands. Hoover is known for its classic upright models, while Shark offers a range of innovative designs, including upright, canister, and cordless models. Both brands have strong suction power and advanced filtration systems, making them effective at removing dirt and allergens from floors and carpets. We will …

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Bissell vs Shark: Which Brand Makes the Best Vacuum?

Two strong brands in the vacuum business are Bissell and Shark. It can be daunting to try and figure out which brand is the right vacuum to buy for your home. To help with the process, we’ve compared Bissell vs Shark to give you a better idea of what these brands stand for and how …

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6 Best Cheap Vacuums under $50 [2024 Review]

Best Vacuum for Under $50

Vacuums can be pretty expensive, which is probably because retailers know that everybody wants and needs one. But, you can easily clean your home without spending too much… you just need to find the right vacuum cleaner. There are a lot of different situations that don’t warrant spending hundreds of dollars on a vacuum cleaner. …

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Best Corded Stick Vacuum on the Market [2024 Review]

Rated as on the best corded stick vacuums on the market, the Shark Navigator is convenient yet powerful

A highly rated corded vacuum will provide you with more power than its cordless counterpart. And, you’ll never have to If you want to save yourself a bunch of reading and see our final voteworry about charging the vacuum. We’ve outlined the various factors you should consider when purchasing a stick vacuum with a cord, …

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Best Vacuum for Vinyl Plank Floors [2024 Review]

Robot vacuum being used on a vinyl plank floor

Although vinyl floor is a good looking flooring option, it requires gentle cleaning to avoid scratches. The best vacuum for vinyl plank floors helps you keep that beautiful floor luster that reflects your image. However, finding a good vacuum for your floor might not be easy because there are many options available.  To ensure you …

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Best Wet/Dry Vac Under $100 [2024 Review]

Wet dry vac ready to use to clean the wooden floors

Wet dry vacuums can handle the tasks that other cleaning appliances simply can’t. They also remain effective whether they are tackling piles of sawdust from a renovation project or a flooded basement. Whether you want to clean your office or home, the best wet dry vac under $100 can help you with all your cleaning …

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Should You Dust or Vacuum First? [Step-by-Step Process]

dust or vacuum first

What came first, the chicken or the egg? This thought provoking question could be used when you are considering whether it is better to dust or vacuum first. You could choose either method to begin. But, what is the best order to clean your home so you can pick up the most dust particles? ​Is …

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iRobot Roomba 805 vs 860 Robotic Vacuum Comparison

Close up of the roomba on carpet

When it comes to choosing an iRobot vacuum, you may be torn between the various models available. It may be difficult to choose between the iRobot Roomba 805 vs 860. This is because the iRobot Roomba 860 and the Roomba 805 hold a lot of the same core features and cleaning performance. Yet, one model …

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Eufy RoboVac 11 Robotic Cordless Automated Vacuum​ Review

The Eufy 11 automated vacuum in action

If vacuuming is becoming too much of an arduous chore for you to complete, you need to try the Eufy RoboVac 11 Robotic Vacuum. This robotic cordless vacuum offers you the ability to clean your home when you are not there. There is no backbreaking labor or tedious pushing and pulling. This powerful vacuum comes …

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Shark vs Dyson: Which Brand Makes the Best Vacuum?

Dyson V8 Handheld vacuum close up

When you are looking to buy a new vacuum, deciding which brand to buy can be a bit of a challenge. Two of the top brands you can select from are Shark and Dyson. These brands are fierce rivals in the vacuum market, and it can be difficult to know which brand makes the best …

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How to Vacuum a Shag Rug and Carpet

vacuum carpet steam clean

The purpose of shag rugs is best served when they are clean. Not only do they enhance the beauty of your floor to a great extent, but they are made of delicate fabric. They require a systematic cleaning to maintain their aesthetic value. Here you’ll see how to vacuum a shag rug. How to Vacuum …

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