About Me

​Hey there, my name is Allen. To be clear, I haven't always been into vacuums. ​But, I've always been into efficiency. And, I'm a researcher. That's where this website was born.

​When my wife and I had two children, getting around to keeping the house clean became quite the chore. And, something we rarely got around to. Our house seemed to be in constant need of cleaning, and it always seemed to be such a hassle to get the vacuum out and run the cord, cleaning room to room.

​One day, we were at a friends house, and their child had a spill in the kitchen (a pretty sizable spill, at that). They whipped out a stick vacuum from their hall closet, and had it cleaned up in no time. I was amazed. I immediately went home and started researching ​one for us to buy.

Over time, this site has grown into a resource to help people live more efficiently and effectively. We help people find the best stick vacuum, but we also help you keep a clean and tidy home (and life), while maximizing the time you get to spend doing the things you love.

​I love researching and finding the very best product, and this website has become my way of sharing those findings with the world. I hope you enjoy what you read, and if you have any questions, please let me know!