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“The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment. ― Marie Kondo

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Corded Stick Vacuum Guide

Don’t waste your money on expensive cordless vacs! We review the best corded stick vacuum – cheap, lightweight, portable, and powerful cleaners!

Cheap Vacuum Guide

It is very possible to find a great vacuum that is powerful, lightweight, and versatile for under $50. We review the best cheap vacuums available to you.

Thick & Plush Shag Carpet Vacuum Guide

Deep, high pile carpets attract dirt, debris, and allergens, requiring a special vacuum. Read our recommendations for the best vacuum for thick shag carpet.

Concrete Floor Mop Guide

Preserve the quality of your concrete floors by finding the right mop. Here’s our list of the best mop for concrete floors.

Handheld Shower Head Guide

A small portable showerhead combines technology and convenience, providing versatility for you. We review the best handheld shower head options available.

Rain Shower Head Guide

If you’re looking for a new shower head for your bathroom, consider the luxury and efficiency of the best rain shower head for your install.

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Best Low Flow Handheld Shower Head [2020 Review]

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Best Handheld Showerheads for Seniors [2020 Review]
Best Handheld Showerheads for Seniors [2020 Review]

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Best Shower Base [2020 Review]
Best Shower Base [2020 Review]

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Best Shower Caulk [2020 Review]
Best Shower Caulk [2020 Review]

Over time, the joints of a new bathroom may start to open up and you will have to seal those gaps and cracks with a shower sealant. The best shower caulk can help you prevent mold and other bacterial …

Best Tension Shower Rod [2020 Review]
Best Tension Shower Rod [2020 Review]

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Best Shower Valve [2020 Review]
Best Shower Valve [2020 Review]

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Best Shower Doors [2020 Review]
Best Shower Doors [2020 Review]

The best shower doors should fit your shower, keep water inside, and give your bathroom an elegant look. The most common types are frameless and glass slide doors that you can open by either sliding t…

“When all else fails, cleaning house is the perfect antidote to most of life’s ills.― Sue Grafton

​ ​Cleaning Tips for You

How to Clean Carpet with Vinegar

There are a whole host of products to clean your carpet, but none as simple and cheap as vinegar. We share how to clean your carpet with vinegar only.

How to Remove Old Stains From Carpet

Old stains in your carpet are frustrating, but can be removed with a little bit of work. We walk you through how to get old stains out of carpet.

How to Add a Second Shower Head

Learn how to add a second shower head to create a spa environment in your bathroom. We walk you through the process for installing dual showerheads.

How to Clean Your Fiberglass Shower Floor and Pan

Learn how to clean your textured fiberglass shower floor and shower pan the quick and easy way. We share both natural and chemical cleaning methods.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors after Removing Old Carpet

While it takes time, removing your old carpet to expose hardwood floors can leave you with beautiful flooring. We walk through each of the steps involved.

How to Clean Car Seats with Baking Soda

Learning how to clean car seats with baking soda is smart and budget friendly. Using this natural product is good for you and the environment.

“Our house is clean enough to be healthy, and dirty enough to be happy”. – Anonymous