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Dust collected with a corded stick vacuum

Corded Stick Vacuum Guide

Don’t waste your money on expensive cordless vacs! We review the best corded stick vacuum – cheap, lightweight, portable, and powerful cleaners!

Person using a small compact vacuum to clean floor

Cheap Vacuum Guide

It is very possible to find a great vacuum that is powerful, lightweight, and versatile for under $50. We review the best cheap vacuums available to you.

Woman cleaning wood floors with dog pee mop

Dog Pee Mop Guide

Dog urine is no walk in the park, but chances are an accident will happen at some point. We’ve found the top mop option to quickly tackle the pet pee.

Spin mop for concrete floors

Concrete Floor Mop Guide

Preserve the quality of your concrete floors by finding the right mop. Here’s our list of the best mop for concrete floors.

Person washing feet with handheld shower

Handheld Showerhead Guide

A small portable showerhead combines technology and convenience, providing versatility for you. We review the best handheld shower head options available.

Handheld shower head

Pause Button Shower Guide

Save water by picking up a highly rated showerhead that comes with a pause button. We rank and review the right pick for your and your shower.

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​ ​Cleaning Tips for You

A gallon of vinegar for carpet cleaning

How to Clean Carpet with Vinegar

There are a whole host of products to clean your carpet, but none as simple and cheap as vinegar. We share how to clean your carpet with vinegar only.

Person soaking microfiber cloth in soap

How to Remove Old Stains From Carpet

Old stains in your carpet are frustrating, but can be removed with a little bit of work. We walk you through how to get old stains out of carpet.

Multi-head shower head with running water

How to Add a Second Shower Head

Learn how to add a second shower head to create a spa environment in your bathroom. We walk you through the process for installing dual showerheads.

Shower floor with dark stains

How to Clean Your Fiberglass Shower Floor and Pan

Learn how to clean your textured fiberglass shower floor and shower pan the quick and easy way. We share both natural and chemical cleaning methods.

Person wearing a pair of blue sneakers standing on hardwood floor

How to Clean Hardwood Floors after Removing Old Carpet

While it takes time, removing your old carpet to expose hardwood floors can leave you with beautiful flooring. We walk through each of the steps involved.

Child sitting beside a bottle and a pack of baking soda

How to Create a Family Chore Chart

Get the whole family involved in keeping things clean with our compete guide on how to set up a chore chart that everyone can participate in.

“Our house is clean enough to be healthy, and dirty enough to be happy”. – Anonymous